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Combina la mejor medicina convencional y alternativa bajo una red de clinicas que atiende especialmente enfermedades crónicas como (MS, Lupus, Colitis,CFS,MCS, etc), terapias alternativas para cancer,asma,enfermedades autoinmunes, así como tambien prevención, deporte y medicina de alto rendimiento, temas femeninos, salud general y bienestar.

Todas las enfermedades y síntomas ocurren por alguna razón. Identificando la causa nuclear, se direcciona al ser humano para la creación de una buena salud a todos los niveles ( fisico, mental, emocional, subconciente y espiritual), todo ello para hacer que el cuerpo sane con las propias capacidades naturales que tenemos.

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We are exhilarated by our involvement with Lululemon Athletica. Lululemon manufactures activewear that looks great and feels good. The folks at Lululemon have a manifesto and a sense of humour too! The company shares our commitment to great health and living wholeheartedly.

Allan Markin is a Friend of the Integrative Medicine Institute. Allan P. Markin, a native of Calgary, is the Co-Chairman of Canadian Natural Resources Limited, a natural gas crude oil exploration, development and production company. The Canadian Natural mission statement is “to develop people to work together to create value for the company’s shareholders, by doing it right, with fun and integrity”. Allan has strongly supported Canadian Natural’s corporate commitment to a wellness system for employees. This progressive system demonstrates Canadian Natural’s commitment to wellness and health and is in keeping with “doing it right”.

Allan is a founder St. Mary’s College in Calgary and has made a $10 million contribution to the institution. He took the college to new heights from a student base of 30 to a present strength of 500. St. Mary’s is a recognized accredited institution.

Mr. Markin and Canadian Natural Resources have donated $6 million to the University of Alberta for constructing the Markin/Canadian Natural Engineering and Environmental building which is currently under construction.

Mr. Markin, in conjunction with his wife Jackie Flanagan, has donated $3 million to the Markin-Flanagan Distinguished Writer in Residence Program at the University of Calgary. As well, he has donated $3 million and created the Markin Chair in Health, Wellness and Society at the University of Calgary.

His philanthropy and personal involvement in the broader community are extensive, extending not only in North America, but also internationally in U.K. and West Africa. Within Canada, mainly on a local, community level Allan’s annual personal donations are substantial. Although diversified, his main philanthropic objective is to enhance education and health, through balance.

Monashee Spring Water

Personal Sponsors and Supporters

El apoyo, como todo lo gregario es basado en aportes de muchas personas y pacientes que se han beneficiado y quieren estos programas.


Es un reto para ellos hacer una integración ante tantas modalidades de medicina. Ellos le llaman hacer una VERDADERA INTEGRACION.

Plantean primero una hipótesis de sanación, una teoría común o una coherencia de la causa de enfermedad.

Usan un lenguaje común y que se pueda compartir.

Bases cientificas involucradas y ofrecimeinto de lo mejor para el paciente.

Vale la pena revisar la hipotesis de base usado en IMI:

Hypothesis of Healing

Los pacientes reciben un abordaje de consultas con: Naturapata, MTC, Enfermera, Medical Intuitive, Consulta nuticional.

Reciben test diagnósticos múltiples, entre ellos:

BTA - Biological Terrain Assessment, Bioterrain, Autonomic Reflex Testing (MORA), Nutribody.

Examenes de laboratorio

I-MED Index

Se hace una junta médica del equipo de trabajo PARA HACER JUICIOS Y PLANES DE TRABAJO usualmente liderados por un Care Coordinator and the Primary Practitioner (usualmente MD or ND)


AMAS Blood Test for Cancer
Autonomic Reflex Test (ART)
Biological Dental Investigations
Biological Terrain Analysis (BTA)
Comprehensive Assessment
Conventional Diagnositics
Computerized Regulation Thermography
Nutri-Body Assessment
Traditional Chinese Medicine Assessment
Toxic Elements Testing

IMED (Integrative Medicine). PROGRAMAS

IMED plantea un programa individualizado basado en:

  • hallazgos específicos dados por las pruebas
  • evaluaciones de las diferentes disciplinas
  • objetivos y propositos personales


Viculos con la U de Calgary

IMI is proud to participate in an Optimal Healing Environment Study with researchers at the University of Calgary

IMI is committed to continually evaluate, research and develop the most innovative integrative medicine programs. Recently, IMI has partnered with a research team at the University of Calgary’s Department of Community Health Sciences, to explore how integrative clinics can better measure the healing experience.

IMI is also pleased to assist in two research projects condcuted by 2nd year medical students at the University of Calgary Medical School.

One project is directed at the practitioners of an integrative center looking at gaining insights into how differing professions can relate and integrate while the other study is investigating the effects of prolotherapy and nerual therapy.


IF you have been looking around for 'alternative' or 'integrative' centers or clinics, you have most likely come across a myriad of therapies and possibilities.

Nearly all centers will be one of two types;

1. Alternative medicine focused, i.e. a chiropractic focused integrative center, or naturopathic focused center. Upon investigation you will notice that what these actually are, is a collaboration of various therapists who function under the same roof, perhaps with a loose cross-referral system, but no real communication when it comes to treating the WHOLE patient with a common approach. Typically it is a group of therapists using their own various disciplines to treat the patient within their own paradigm, and then hoping for the best! Such centers generally do not have an MD on staff, and therefore do not have access to the resources that conventional medicine has to offer. This approach limits TRUE integration to that of only alternative medicine options, which are often quite disparate themselves. For example, chiropractic is structurally based, while acupuncture, reike and homeopathy are energetically based, there is also the combined physical/energetic basis of such therapies as cranio-sacral.

2. Conventional medicine focused, i.e. typically an 'integrative' center directed by MD's who have elected to add some complementary therapies to their menu. Therapies that have been shown in research studies to have some beneficial effect, are offered, but there is (upon investigation) no obvious rhyme or reason to how these are applied, or evaluated. This approach, although called integrated, is really only a medical model using some complementaryalternative medicines. This model does not take into account the possibilites of how looking at an illness from a completely different viewpoint or paradigm has to offer. These centers are therefore limited in their effectiveness of applying the alternative therapy, and they are not utilizing the "entire philosophy" of the true integrative approach. Typically these MD's have received their training by correspondence or part time programs in these modalities. While this is certainly sufficient for a cursory understanding, it is hardly adequate to understand all the complexities and subtleties of a new medical approach. Some of these alternative modalities and disciplines are just as complex as Western medicine (we could hardly expect a massage therapist, for example, to learn conventional medicine in a few months or even 100 hours of correspondence/classroom sessions).

Fortunately, there is another approach which endeavors to TRULY INTEGRATE numerous different medicine approaches. This is a tremendous challenge that is being recognized, and faced, by many universities, and public & private organizations. There has been some excellent research and a summation done on an English model (see links). We at IMI are constantly evaluating our approach and techniques, this is a a continual process as no two patients are alike, and we learn from each patient who walks in our door.

Integrative Medicine Institute approach, uses a unique combination of ALL medicines. We use a scientifically derived framework within which to assess, evaluate and then apply therapies. Such an approach allows conventional medicine and alternative medicines to work together synergistically, capturing the best aspects of both realms. The pre-requisites for this integration include;

•a common theory of illness and its occurrence
•a framework within which to assess and apply therapeutic interventions
•a willingness on all sides (practitioner's and patient's) to explore different perspectives

Just a thought - whatever you have been doing up until now, has gotten you exactly where you are, and continuing doing these same things will surely only maintain that path. If it is indeed true that every symptom is a 'red light' on our dashboard, a signal from the body that something is out of balance somewhere, then it behooves us to look closer at that symptom and learn what it is warning us of. If every symptom IS a message, then we need to be opening that door to greet the messenger. The willingness to open that door, without knowing what the message may be, is the key element to moving forward and through an illness or symptom, and even to preventing future illness.

Following is a short summary of the approach used at IMI towards illness and healing, our "Hypothesis of Healing". By definition an hypothesis is a theory that describes what has been observed in nature to occur. In the Scientific Method, the theory is then tested and, if proven true, is adopted, if proven false, is discarded or modified, and re-tested. IMI has found the basis of this approach, in clinical application, to be very effective in addressing the underlying causes of illness. We endeavor to continually refine and evaluate this hypothesis on an on-going basis (see I-MED INDEX).

Hypothesis of Healing
Physical Healing
Energetic Healing
Mental/Emotional Healing
Subconscious Healing
Spiritual Healing


ME GUSTA, es estructurado y coherente, muestra innovación y coraje en lo INTEGRATIVO.
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