es  bueno  ver  estos  estudios  de  respaldo  a lo que hemos  venido haciendo desde  hace  años en  situaciones como el COLON IRRITABLE  y en general  situaciones  digestivas  que no siempre se  pueden manejar  unicamente con dieta  o con remedios comunes.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine for the Irritable Bowel Syndrome   Review Article 
Gastroenterology Clinics of North America, Volume 40, Issue 1, March 2011, Pages 245-253 
Suma Magge, Anthony Lembo

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common chronic gastrointestinal disorder, characterized by chronic or recurrent abdominal pain and bloating. Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is a diverse group of medical treatments that are not commonly considered to be a part of conventional medicine yet frequently used together with conventional medicine. CAM is widely used, particularly for chronic medical conditions that are difficult to treat. Because only a limited number of treatments are available for IBS, many patients choose CAM. This article reviews current evidence supporting the use of CAM in IBS, with a focus on prebiotics, acupuncture, and herbal medicines.

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